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Brutal Sheffield


By Martin Dust
ISBN - 978-1-80049-304-9
Barcode - 9781800493049
Softcover, 104 pages, 90+ Photographs
210mm x 210mm

Perfect bound and printed on heavy stock, uncoated paper to give a classy silk feel.

Brutal Sheffield is a photographic study by Martin Dust. It’s a record of the architecture and brutal nature of his home city and a tribute to the influence its changing landscape has had on his life.

Brutal Sheffield is a portrait of an environment and an excavation of memory, a trek through the city that provides the context and inspiration for so much of Martin’s art.

Whether he’s uncovering lost rehearsal rooms, remembering ex-record shops, or capturing the poetry of concrete and glass, his photographic world is one in which sullen-faced car parks can conceal fragmented recollections - and become the accidental backdrops to our lives.

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