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Hulme (Manchester)


By Richard Davis
Foreword by Mark Hoyle
ISBN - 978-1-874171-12-6
Barcode - 9781874171126
Softcover, 100 pages, 90 Photographs
210mm x 210mm

Shipping Now - First 300 orders include an exclusive free 8” matte print

By almost any objective measure, the immense crescent-shaped housing blocks that once dominated Hulme in Manchester were a failure. Completed in 1972, the Hulme Crescents were soon deemed defective and dangerous – and by the mid-1990s they were gone. But objective measures don't tell the full story.

Photographer Richard Davis moved to Manchester in 1988, setting up his studio in a Hulme squat and documenting the world outside his door. And what a world it was.

Powerful and richly evocative, Richard's images of Hulme reveal the people and politics, the architecture and anarchy of a scene that no one had yet learned how to tame.

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